Over the course of a full academic year, the Growing a Wild NYC curriculum will lead students and teachers through the process of growing an educational garden. Teachers choosing to take part in our program can partner with a nearby community, state, or national park – anywhere where seeds can be collected!

The fall lesson plans (step one) introduce students to plant-pollinator relationships; the process of starting a school garden starts with a single seed. After the first field trip, student bring seeds back to the classroom to begin experimenting on the seeds they collected (step two), testing their own hypothesis on what makes seeds grow in a controlled setting. Over the winter, students stratify and scarify their seeds (step three), learning about phenology – the study of life cycles. In early spring, seeds germinate (step four), and classes learn how to care for their young seedlings. These young seedlings will go back to two homes – one new and one old. We encourage all schools to construct their own school gardens (step five), providing your hand-packed seeds with the resources they need to thrive. The final step of the Growing a Wild NYC program returns to the park where it all began (step six)- planting your seedlings back in their native habitats, so that your local parks will continue to blossom.

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